Bill Too High?


  • First check your meter. You can do this by turning your power off at your fuse box or breaker box. You have a main that will turn everything in your home off. After you pull the fuse or turn the breaker off, wait about five minutes and then go look at your meter. The disk that revolves around should be stopped completely. If it is stopped, your meter is not creeping. If you are sure everything going to your meter is turned off and your meter continues to turn, then please contact our office.
  • If you have underground cable going from the meter into the house, you could have a short in this cable. After you do the above, if your meter continues to creep, turn the power off in the box under the meter. If this stops your meter then your trouble is in the underground wire.

  • Turn off all your circuits by pulling the fuses or turning your breakers off, and then turn them back on one at a time. As you turn one back on, go check your meter and see which circuit seems to be making your meter turn the fastest. Then see what appliances are on this circuit and check them out.

  • Check your pump. See if it is running excessively or if it is coming on when you have not had the water running. A water leak will run your bill up especially if it is on the hot water line and if you have an electric water heater. Have leaky faucets repaired.

  • Check your water heater and see if one of your elements is out. Sometimes the lime build-up will rupture the element but it will continue to work. It will have a short, which will increase your bill.

  • After you have not used your dryer for several hours, open the door and see if it is warm inside. Sometimes they will malfunction and the heat will come on when it should not be.

  • Notice your refrigerator and deep freeze. Is the door closing completely? Is any one of these appliances running excessively?

  • Is anything shocking you? If so check it out. Check all extension and appliance cords and see if they are warm to the touch or if you can smell an odor coming from them. If so, stop using them or have them replaced.

  • In the winter, heat tapes, heat bulbs or electric heaters in your pump house or on your water pipes will make a big increase in your bill.

  • Your appliances that use the most electricity are electric heat, air conditioning, water heater, dryer, automatic defrost refrigerator or deep freeze and electric range. The blower on your furnace or stove will also increase your bill in the winter. Fans may increase it in the summer.

  • Read your meter each day (every 24 hours) and keep a record of your daily usage. Notice the weather conditions if you use more on a cold day or more on a warm day. Notice what appliances are used each day and if they cause your usage to go up. Do this until your bill goes back to normal and you will know you have found your problem.

  • If you still think your bill is too high and after checking all of the above suggestions you are unable to find the problem, you can pay $30.00 and we will send your meter in to a meter-testing laboratory for testing. You will be advised from the laboratory if your meter registered fast or slow. If your meter is 25% fast, you will get back the $30.00 plus 25% on your last three months’ bills. Whatever percent your meter is fast, that is the amount you will get back on your last three months’ bills.