Budget Billing

The purpose of budget billing is for our members’ convenience by providing them with a billing plan that allows them to pay the same amount each month for electric service. This also helps those members on a fixed income.

This budget billing plan is available to customers with residential service only. Participation in the Budget Billing plan will have no effect on the cooperative’s approved rate schedules or other billing charges used to calculate the customer’s actual monthly billing.

To be eligible for the budget billing plan the customer must have met the following criteria:

1. The customer must have lived at the current residence for at least 12 months. 

2. The customer must agree to pay the catch-up amount one-year from the date that they are put on budget billing. This catch-up month will follow every 12th month that the consumer remains on budget billing.

3. The customer must have paid his last bill and have a balance due of $0.00 before being added the budget billing program.

Consumers who enroll in the budget billing program are subject to the same rules (payment due dates, etc.) as regular billing accounts. If the customer fails to make the monthly budget billing payments on time, Gascosage Electric Cooperative reserves the right to remove the customer from the program. If a customer is removed from the program, any outstanding amounts will be due under regular payment terms and they will not be allowed back on the program until they have regained a 12 month perfect credit history.

The customer may withdraw from the budget billing program at any time.  Upon withdrawing from the plan, all accumulated arrears will become due and payable to Gascosage Electric Cooperative. Any credits will remain on the account to be deducted from following bills or will be refunded upon disconnection of service. Any customer choosing to withdraw from the budget billing plan shall remain out of the plan for twelve (12) months before becoming eligible to re-enter the plan.

Eligible members must enroll in the budget billing program during the month of April, but may withdraw at any time.  To enroll, please call our office at (573) 759-7146.  


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