Fees and Charges

Refundable Charges

  • New Membership Fee $25.00. This fee is required prior to the time service is supplied to the consumer. Upon termination of service, the membership fee may be applied against any unpaid bills of the consumer. Any remaining balance will be returned to the consumer.
  • Deposit – A deposit is required before electric service is supplied to insure prompt payment of bills. This deposit shall bear no interest and will be retained until termination of service, at which time it may be applied against any unpaid bills. 

    Residential- $25, $175, or $275 – Determined by credit check.

    Prepay Metering – No Deposit Required, only $25 Membership Fee

    Commercial-$100.00 (Small), $500.00 or 2 months bills (Large-whichever is greater). Determined based upon credit history or estimated usage per business type.

    Non – Refundable Charges

    • Service Availability Fee
      $38.50 for single phase service.
      $46.00 for three phase service.
      $1.35 per kva of installed transformer capacity for services 50 kva and over.
    • Late payment fee – 10% of current bill
    • Returned check fee – $25.00
    • Trip fee – $30.00
    • LED Security Light installed on meter pole – $180.00
    • Meter Testing Fee – $30.00 (if meter is accurate with /-2%)
    • Meter Tampering Fee – $500.00


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