In Case of Outage

What’s the most important number to know during a power outage?

Call our office 24 hours a day at (573) 759-7146 or 1 (866) 568-8243 or 1 (866) OUTAGE.

No, It’s not our phone number (although it’s necessary). 
No, It’s not your phone number.
No, It’s not your farm road, street or route number.
No, It’s not even your account number.

Give up? The most important number you need to know before reporting a power outage is your LOCATION NUMBER. That’s right, your location number.
When our linemen are out looking for your location, they will be following the power lines. Our map books show your electric meter pole location number along those power lines, not your address or phone number. Therefore, when you call to report an outage, we can get to you much quicker if we know your location number. After regular working hours, our linemen don’t have access to a computer to look up location numbers. This really slows down the process of restoring power to you. However, if you can tell us your location number, we don’t even have to go to our computers – we can find you on our maps immediately.

What if you don’t know your location number? You can find it on your meter pole (the metal numbers will be nailed to the pole) or somewhere near your meter. Still can’t find it? Then look on your monthly billing statement or meter book (see insert).

Remember, during a power outage will be the hardest time to find your location number, because you’ll be looking in the dark. Planning ahead will help. We strongly encourage you to write your location number down and keep it near your phone. If you stop by our office, we’ll even write it down for you. Then you will have no trouble finding it when you need it.

So don’t forget – location, location, location – it’s everything during a power outage. Know your location number and be ready to give it when you call to report your loss of electricity. See related information about “Getting Back on Line” elsewhere on this website.