Meter Tampering

All meters will be furnished, owned, installed and removed by cooperative.

Seals will be placed on all meters, meter enclosures, or metering transformers for the purpose of security. Breaking these seals or tampering with meters, their associated equipment, or interconnecting wiring is prohibited. Unauthorized possession and use of a stolen meter; the unauthorized manipulation, such as inverting, relocating, or swapping of meter or registers; the resetting of demand type meters; the internal tampering of metering device affecting the proper registration of energy consumed is also prohibited. Meter tampering may result in prosecution under the laws of Missouri; statute 569.080, 569.085.

If a member-consumer is found consuming electricity so that any or all of the energy consumed is not registered through a meter provided by the cooperative:

  1. The member-consumer will be held responsible
  2. The member-consumer may be required to pay for damages.
  3. Additional meter deposit may be requested.
  4. The cooperative may estimate billing for the period of time that the meter was not registering the correct kilowatt consumption.
  5. The member-consumer may be required to pay all additional costs incurred by the cooperative as a result of the incident.
  6. The member-consumer may be required to pay a $500.00 meter tampering fee.