Meter Testing

The member-consumer may request a meter accuracy test of the meter serving their account. The member-consumer may not have their meter tested more frequently than once in an eighteen month period. The request shall be accompanied by a $45.00 check or money order, made payable to the cooperative.

If the meter is found, by the test, to have an error of more than two percent and adjustment will be made on the following basis.

Over Registration

1. The amount charged to the member-consumer for the test will be refunded.
2. The amount of the adjustment shall be calculated on the basis of the kilowatts used with the meter being at zero error.
3. Recalculation of the monthly bills shall be done up to twelve months, or to the date the meter was set, which ever is the shortest time. A refund will be given to the member for the difference of the recalculated bill and the amount paid for that period.

Under Registration

1. The amount charged to the member-consumer will not be Refunded.
2. The cooperative will not back bill the member-consumer for the under registration of energy used