New Accounts/Transfers/Disconnects

New Service

New service can be obtained by completing a membership application. A deposit is required for each meter installed. This deposit amount is determined by assessing your previous credit history with this Cooperative or another electric utility. It may also be assessed according to the estimated monthly usage for the account. Requests for service should be made at least one business day in advance of the date you want your service connected.

Requests for new service requiring construction of new electrical lines need to be made to our Engineering Department well in advance of the date needed to allow for the back-log of new construction orders we have. To set up an appointment for new service construction, please contact our office at 573-759-7146 or toll-free at 1-866-568-8243.

New Membership Application


Transfer of service to a new location is handled in a manner similar to requests for new service. Current account balances may have to be paid prior to transferring service to a new location.

Disconnection of Service

Orders to discontinue service require a final meter reading (taken by Gascosage Electric) on the date specified. Any deposits you have made will be applied to your account to figure your final bill or refund. Disconnect orders need to be made at least one business day in advance of the date for service to be discontinued.


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