A Guide to Obtaining Electrical Service

The following information is provided in order to help members understand the requirements for obtaining a new electrical service.
New Service Construction
Engineering work is required for the following:
• Newly constructed homes, businesses, mobile homes, and other services.
• Upgrades in service size for existing meter locations (i.e., 200 Amp upgrade).
• Any other situation in which wire is needed from our poles or lines to meter location.

The process for a new service installation includes:
The initial service request: we must complete our New Electric Service (Construction) form; do this by contacting our office. This will provide the needed information to the staking engineers in order to conduct a site survey.

This request should be made well in advance to insure the service is built and completed when needed. Please have the building location marked as well as where your meter base will be installed. For overhead mobile home services this will be where you would like your meter pole.

Once your initial request has been made you will receive a call approximately within a week indicating when your appointment is scheduled. If a message is left, you must call back to confirm your appointment time. Not confirming your appointment will cause your appointment to be canceled and rescheduled; this will significantly delay the process of getting your new service.

A staking engineer from Gascosage Electric will conduct a site survey to determine where we will need to place poles, lines, etc. He will initiate a construction drawing showing what is needed for each job. This staking sheet will list what needs to be done by the consumer (i.e., pay any construction costs or membership fees/deposit, cut right-of-way, install conduit, obtain inspection, obtain easements, etc.).

The job will then be scheduled with our construction crew to be completed. Work is scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once your contribution has been paid, your name is added to the construction schedule. For planning purposes, figure at least two to three weeks between payment of the contribution and the start of construction. Upon payment, you can consult excavation and electrical contractors and instruct them to coordinate their work with Gascosage. We will not begin building a new service that has been staked and paid for until the following conditions have been met:
1. The consumer must own the land or property where the new service is to be located.
2. A driveway must be started.
3. The well must be dug.
4. The mobile home must be on site or foundation started for new home construction.

If you have any further questions or to initiate your service request, please contact our office at (573) 759-7146.