Power Line and Trees

Routine Right of Way Maintenance

Gascosage Electric Cooperative has a continuing right-of-way program that consists of “tree trimming crews” that cut and trim trees around electric lines. The foreman of these crews tries his best to contact each landowner before cutting or trimming begins on the property. As you know, this is not always possible due to work schedules, school, vacations, etc. We ask that you be aware that the foreman will be trying to meet with you when the crews get close to your property to discuss the right-of-way involved.

Gascosage Electric Cooperative asks the crews to cut all trees that are within the vicinity of electric lines because a cut tree is no longer a concern for power outages and property damage. Cut trees also eliminate any future trimming expense. One of the largest expenses of the Cooperative is the cost of cutting or trimming trees near power lines. One of the major causes of power outages is uncut trees or fallen tree limbs. Tree limbs contacting the electric lines are not only unsafe but they also cause blinks and line loss. A tree near a power line is a never-ending expense that has to be trimmed every three to four years.

The Cooperative is committed to keeping the right-of-way clear in order to reduce outages and line loss, but we need your help. First, do not plant trees under or near power lines. Second, when the Cooperative’s contractor comes to your area, let them cut any tree under or near power lines. By cooperating with us you will help us reduce the cost of maintaining right-of-ways, reduce outages, reduce the inconvenience of blinks, reduce line loss and improve safety along the Cooperative’s power lines.

If you have any questions, please visit with the “tree trimming crew” foreman when he comes by or call the Cooperative at (573) 759-7146 or toll-free at 1 (866) 568-8243. Thank you for your cooperation.