Unpaid Electric Bills

Accounts with an unpaid “Balance Prior to this Billing” message on a current bill are subject to disconnection for non-payment.

Payment of the delinquent amount must be received at one of the Cooperative’s offices immediately to avoid disconnection of service.

Before reconnection of electric service can be made, all outstanding charges on disconnected accounts must be paid, including membership fees, reconnection fees and service deposits.

Other Reasons for Discontinuance

1. Check returned by the bank on a closed account or for insufficient funds.

2. Failure to post a membership fee or deposit acceptable to the cooperative.

3. Unauthorized interference, diversion or use of the electric service situated or delivered on or about the member- consumer’s premises or meter tampering.

4. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of a settlement agreement.

5. Refusal to grant access at reasonable time to equipment installed upon the premises of the member-consumer for the purpose of inspection, meter reading, maintenance, or replacement.

6. Misrepresentation of identity for the purpose of obtaining electric service.

7. Violation of any other rules of the cooperative which adversely effects the safety of the member-consumer, other persons, or the integrity of the cooperative distribution system.

8. A member-consumer shall install and maintain the wiring and other electrical equipment on their premises in such condition as shall be required by any state or local statute, franchise, ordinance, or National Electrical Code which conform to the requirements of the cooperative. The cooperative shall discontinue service where, in its judgment, the wiring is found to be unsafe, is in any manner interfering with the service of other member-consumers, or is found to be injurious to the cooperative’s property.

Any inspection and approval by the cooperative shall be made solely for the purpose of insuring proper protection for the cooperative’s property and for insuring continuity to this member-consumer and others and shall not be construed to impose any duty or liability on the cooperative by reason thereof.

In cases where any duly constituted governmental authority requires inspection and approval of member-consumer’s wiring, the cooperative shall not be required to make connection and render service until such inspection has been made, and approval has been given by a duly designated inspector.


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